Dr. Anthony Fauci Names The Trump Moment That Shocked Him: ‘Like A Punch To The Chest’

Ed Mazza
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Dr. Anthony Fauci said one of then-President Donald Trump’s moves last year early in the pandemic left him shocked.

“The thing that hit me like a punch to the chest was then all of a sudden he got up and said ‘Liberate Virginia, Liberate Michigan,’” Fauci said on a CNN special on Sunday. “And I said to myself, ‘Oh my goodness. What is going on here?’”

Fauci was referring to a series of Trump tweets in support of right-wing protests against measures meant to stop the spread of the virus, including measures recommended by his own administration.

“LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” “LIBERATE VIRGINIA,” Trump wrote in various messages in April, egging on the demonstrators.

“It shocked me because it was such a jolt to what we were trying to do,” Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious diseases expert, said.

After Trump’s tweets, anti-mask, anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown protesters were emboldened. Armed groups invaded the Michigan Capitol in late April. Later in the year, six members of a Michigan militia were arrested and accused of plotting to kill Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), who was a frequent target of Trump barbs during the pandemic. One member has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Anthony Fauci Names The Trump Moment That Shocked Him: ‘Like A Punch To The Chest’

  1. Trump was the worst President in history. He didn’t have a clue about how to do his job. I am sure Dr Fauci can name a lot of times Donnie shocked him with his stupidity. It had to be extremely hard working in that administration but Dr Fauci kept his cool. Thank goodness the American people fired Trump.


  2. Greg, totally agree with you. He was also a dictator and no better than the President of North Korea or Putin of Russia. Trump was also deluded; thinking America owed him a favour and still spreading his poison amonst the Republicans. I hold him FULLY RESPONSIBLE for the Capitol Bloody Riots and for the deaths caused. Sadly, due to his immunity where he pardoned himself and members of his family & close advisers; he won’t be prosecuted.


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