Paul Gascoigne rushed to hospital after injuring shoulder on Italian version of I’m A Celebrity

Abbianca MakoniFri, 26 March 2021, 2:30 pm

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Paul Gascoigne was taken to hospital for treatment after an incident on the Italian version of I’m A Celebrity left him grimacing in pain.

The injury came as the former England footballer took part in a trial for a treat of spaghetti with meatballs.

The challenge required the former Spurs, Newcastle and Rangers star to grab a ball, wade through a ditch and then go under a cargo net before climbing a platform to score in a basketball hoop.

But moments into the trial, the show’s host, who was quick to spot something was wrong said: “What’s happened to Paul, he looks in trouble?”

Paul Gascoigne lining up for EnglandGetty Images
Paul Gascoigne lining up for EnglandGetty Images

The camera then panned back to the 53-year-old, who was seen holding his shoulder in pain while standing in the sea.

Soon after, Italian Strictly Come Dancing winner Gilles Rocca was seen putting his arm around him as he led the British star off camera to a medical team, who were on standby.

The show continued as normal after co-host, Massimiliano Rosolino, reassured viewers that ”Paul is with the medics but the initial view is that he is not seriously hurt.”

But he was “rushed” to a medical centre for x-rays and a check up, the Sun reported.

Gascoigne was not seen again for the remainder of the programme and he reportedly missed the nominations for Thursday’s episode.

The former footballer has kept fellow islanders entertained during his stay through storytelling and sharing memories about his football days, including the time he apparently smuggled an ostrich into training.

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