£3m ‘Chemsex’ drug dealers jailed over moped delivery service

Anthony FranceThu, 25 March 2021, 5:56 pm

Suellen Miguez (Metropolitan Police )
Suellen Miguez (Metropolitan Police )

Six Brazilian drug dealers who set up a bespoke £3million moped delivery service to London’s chemsex party scene have been jailed for a total of 52 years.

Suellen Miguez, 36, and her husband Diego Da Souza Arruda Reis, 35, headed the organised syndicate, splashing out on a Surrey mansion and a Lamborghini with the profits.

Miguez and Arruda Reis fuelled the trade in the capital’s clubland with an elaborate network of moped riders and WhatsApp groups.

Their slick operation promised customers their drugs within 10 minutes of placing an order.

During the operation, detectives recovered what is believed to be the largest quantity of GBL seized by police in the United Kingdom.

Metropolitan Police
Metropolitan Police

More than 2,000 litres were seized with an estimated value of £2.2m.

The couple’s gang rented Airbnb properties for a few days to act as distribution centres, which were stocked up daily with drugs stashed in self-storage facilities, Inner London Crown Court heard.

A fleet of moped riders paid an hourly rate of £15, plus £5 extra for each delivery, was employed to courier their goods all over London, with orders placed via WhatsApp.

Customers could order from a menu of 16 drugs including heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, speed, cannabis, chemsex drugs and crystal meth. A menu card read: “Delivery starts 13h. We don’t work Sundays.”

Any unsold stock was returned to the self-storage facility at the end of the day.

Police were tipped off by parents concerned about drugs their youngsters brought home from clubs.

Metropolitan Police
Metropolitan Police

The dealers blew more than £50,000 on a Harrods shopping spree.

Between June 2016 and July 2018, bank accounts under the gang’s control took receipts of over £2.4m, over £960,000 was paid in cash.

Detectives carried out raids on five self-storage facilities in Southwark, King’s Cross, Horton and Battersea yielded a hoard of drugs with an estimated street value of £3m.

Miguez and Arruda Reis led an extravagant lifestyle, renting a penthouse flat overlooking the Thames in the luxury Riverlight Quay complex in Battersea and a substantial home in Weybridge, Surrey.

Metropolitan Police
Metropolitan Police

Miguez splashed over £50,000 on purchases from Prada, Louis Vuitton and Harrods while her husband drove an orange Lamborghini.

She kept a red accounts book with the weight and type of the drugs, used as a ledger to record the stock.

Jailing Miguez and Arruda Reis, both of Abbotswood Drive, St George’s Hills, Weybridge, Surrey, for 13 years each Judge Nigel Seed, QC, said they ran a “very sophisticated, business-like enterprise”.

Metropolitan Police
Metropolitan Police

Henrique Bernardo Medina Salles, 27, of Starboard Way, Silvertown, and Carlos Eduardo Libardi Da Silva, 35, of Westbury Park, Bristol, were today sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment.

In one message Salles wrote to a co-defendant: “The life I have here is totally different to the one in Brazil.”

In addition, Dyego Melo Dos Passos, 33, of Philip Lane, Tottenham, received six years and eight months’ imprisonment.

Isabella Braga Da Silva, 23, was given three years and eight months. She has since been deported to serve her sentence in Brazil.

Prosecutor Peter Finnigan QC said: “This case concerns a sophisticated network of Brazilian nationals who were involved, until their arrests in the summer of last year, in the highly lucrative business of providing drugs to order to the ‘chemsex’ scene.

Metropolitan Police
Metropolitan Police

“The enterprise was run along modern business lines using the latest up to the minute technology.

“It was nothing less than a high-tech drugs delivery service operating here in London.”

Detective Constable Gary Smith, from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said: “These men and women were supplying dangerous drugs to vulnerable people who often didn’t know what they were taking.

“They lived a lucrative lifestyle, paying £12,500 in rent for a property in St George’s Hill in Weybridge and driving around in a flamboyant orange Lamborghini. Their lives will now dramatically change as they spend many years in prison.

Metropolitan Police
Metropolitan Police

“Drugs can cause significant and life altering harm, have a horrendously negative physical and mental impact on users and this gang were making huge profits whilst potentially destroying lives.

“We will do everything in our power to disrupt these criminals. Please keep supplying us with information either about drug dealing, or about people you feel may be exploited by drug dealers.”

Police appealed to anyone who suspects drug crime, to call101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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