It’s a Sin viewers left ‘speechless’ by Keeley Hawes in emotional final episode

Jacob StolworthySat, 20 February 2021, 2:33 pm·2-min read

 (Red Production Company)
(Red Production Company)

It’s a Sin viewers have been left “speechless” by Keeley Hawes’s performance in the show’s emotional finale.

Russell T Davies’ acclaimed series about the HIV and Aids crisis drew to a close on Friday (19 February) – and fans were left stunned by Hawes’ performance as Valerie, the mother of Olly Alexander’s Ritchie Tozer.

*Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

Throughout the first four episodes, Richie’s parents, Valerie and Clive (Shaun Dooley), are shown to have no idea that their son is gay.

However, the finale sees them learn of his sexuality after discovering he is in hospital with Aids.

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In a scene that’s been branded “incredible”, Hawes’ Valerie marches through the hospital, angrily demanding to speak to nurses before having a showdown with Ritchie’s best friend, Jill (Lydia West), for keeping her son’s situation a secret from her.

It is played out in one long take.

Keeley Hawes as Valerie Tozer in ‘It’s a Sin’Red Production Company
Keeley Hawes as Valerie Tozer in ‘It’s a Sin’Red Production Company

“I don’t think anyone will own an episode of anything this year the way Keeley Hawes owned the last episode of #ItsASin,” wrote author Ben Brooks-Dutton.

Writer Scott Bryan added: The final hour of #ItsASin is sensational, heartbreaking television. Those long scenes featuring Keeley Hawes. I barely breathed.”

Another viewer wrote: “Bravura performance from Keeley Hawes. I’d read a lot about people hating the character. I can’t. The denial and self hatred and desperate love are beautifully observed. If she doesn’t win awards there’s something very wrong.”

West’s performance has also been hailed as “towering” with many considering her to be the show’s breakout star.

It’s a Sin is available to stream on All 4.